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EXECUTIVE COACHING 101: What makes a good Coaching Relationship?

For the coaching programme to deliver on its goal and objectives there must be a good relationship between the coach and the client (“coachee”). The elements of such a good relationship are: CONFIDENTIALITY: the client must be assured of confidentiality of the content of the Coaching Programme sessions. Giving feedback on the progress to the sponsor of the Coaching Programme is limited to the programme’s impact, the process, experience made, and its effectiveness in addressing the challenges identified. TRUST: the coach and the client must earn each other’s trust. This is the investment over time, but it is absolutely crucial since the coaching programme sessions agenda is never determined in advance. The coaching sessions belong to the client and the client determines the agenda. RESPECT: the coach and the client must have respect for each other. For example, if there is an arrangement to meet for the session or to deliver on certain aspects of the coaching programme,

COMETSA PMS The LEKGOTLA Way Networks & Forums - Running Order

The inaugural  COMETSA PMS The LEKGOTLA Way Networks & Forums   is taking place on Saturday, the 11th February 2017, from 09h00 to 12h00.  Here is the standing monthly running order (working session): ARRIVAL: 08h00 - 09h00:   Registration and Pre-Session Networking (in the Garden) ·          09h00 - 09h10:  Opening & Welcome, and Round-Tables Checking-In (10 Minutes) (in the hall) ·          09h10 - 09h20:  The LEKGOTLA Way Methodology Demonstration (10 Minutes) (in the hall) ·          09h20 - 09h50:  COMETSA PMS Theme Presentation (30 Minutes) (in the hall) ·          09h50 - 10h50:  Round-Tables Conversations - The LEKGOTLA Way (1 Hour) (in the hall or garden) ·          10h50 - 11h50:  The Plenary, and Q & A (1 Hour) (in the hall) ·          11h50 - 12h00:  Closure and Round-Table Checking - Out (10 Minutes) (in the hall) DEPARTURE: 12h00 - 13h00: Post-Session Networking (in the Garden) NB: These Networks & Forums will t

INVITATION: The LEKGOTLA Way Networks & Forums – 2017

Blog-Published:    ;     Wattpad-Published: Feb - COMETSA PMS Internal & External Mentors  Network  (IEMN) ·           Definition:   The Internal & External Mentors Network is a platform for the human capital development practitioners who are charged with the responsibility of developing talent through mentoring. The extent to which Mentorship Programme in companies is formalized varies from one company to another. Irrespective of that, there is either an internal or external mentorship approach. The talent development circumstances of a company influence the approach that each company follows. Some companies have a combination of both internal and external mentorship programme. External Mentorship is mostly appropriate for the executives and senior managers. An Internal Mentorship progr