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Learning by Reflection

LEARNING BY REFLECTION: Learning is about storing content and its interpretation in our long-term memory. It is like filing a book or pages in the library in a way that you can retrieve it whenever the need arises.  Any stored information, content or knowledge that cannot be retrieved and applied is wasted and is of no use to anybody. So, reflection is necessary as it helps in the effective storing of knowledge. SUNDAY, 14/04/2019: The week started with the Sunday Affirmation; “I am learning to use my unique talents, and make the world a better place”. This affirmation reminded me of my life purpose statement and its supporting interventions. My purpose in life is to facilitate people’s achievement of greatness through human capital, management and leadership development interventions.  The tools or interventions I use to achieve this purpose are: coaching individuals and teams; mentorship of individuals and teams; advisory and supporting my clients and stakeholders; creat