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COMETSA DJ/Broadcasters Development Programme (2020 - 2021)

All the current paid up members of COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO qualify to be registered as DJs/Broadcasters at COMETSA Radio Station, and participants in the COMETSA DJs/Broadcasters Development Programme 2020 - 2021. They will be invited by our radio production team to either host, co-host or be guests at any of our shows.  The requirement is to be fully paid up member for the current period. Any member whose membership has expired will not qualify for this opportunity. The registered DJs/Broadcasters who fail to renew their membership within the stipulated period, after receiving renewal notification from our digital platform, will be disqualified and deregistered from the programme. To get back into the COMETSA DJs/Broadcasters Development Programme 2020 - 2021 after late renewal of their membership they will have to apply manually at COMETSA Offices. There is no guarantee that they will be restored to the programme. We are also extending this opportunity to the next 1