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Public Coaching through daily INSPIRATIONS

PASSION & ENTHUSIASM (21/04/2019 - 27/04/2019): Practicing REFLECTION is a powerful way to embed the knowledge in our long-term memory. We use it frequently in Coaching for the clients and during Coaches Supervision. This week of PASSION & ENTHUSIASM started with a weekly Sunday, 21/04/2019, AFFIRMATION; “I am Strong! I am Bold! I am more Courageous than I know! This was the first time ever that I endorsed an Affirmation that really made me feel like I was beating my chest with a sense of truly being me. Indeed, I genuinely felt that I am STRONG, I am BOLD and COURAGEOUS.  It spoke to me. I felt uncomfortable initially, but I have overcome the feelings and believed.  The Monday’s are my most favorite days of the week, as I post the five questions of the week. But as always it starts with a day’s INSPIRATION. Similarly, this Monday, the 22/04/2019, started with the daily quote, “Passion emerges when your essence expresses itself. How do you stop yourself from fully expressi