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The Annual HR Directors Summit 2012, IPM, South Africa

The Institute of People Management (IPM), South Africa, held its annual HR Directors Summit at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), today, the 9 th February 2012. The summit was attended by 50 top HR Directors in South Africa, plus one delegate from Sri Lanka. Every HR Director in South Africa ought to have been at this Summit. The following key speakers delivered high level presentations and conducted well structured Q&As: ·          Greg Solomon , CEO McDonalds, South Africa, and IPM 2011 CEO of the Year Award Winner. Topic: Improving company and individual Performance through targeted Skills Development (McDonald Case Study) ·          Professor Cecil Bodibe (Holds a Doctorate of Literature and Philosophy): Special Projects – Empowaworx. Topic: Survey Report – How to navigate your way from an artisan level to an Engineer level. Insights from interviews conducted with 30 senior HR Executives who have a combined experience of over 300 years on how to develop a leaders

My opinion: Human Resources’ Role in Economic Transformation & Change Management in South Africa

Deafening silence of HR Professionals: The deafening silence of the HR professionals with regard to the Economic Transformation & Change Management in South Africa is a worry to me. In comparison to the Labour Movement, the HR professionals are not an inch close. Perhaps it is because the HR Professionals are also made to believe that they are invited into the board rooms, operations reviews meetings, strategic planning sessions, etc. If the CEO is not pro Economic Transformation & Change Management, HR tends to struggle to assert itself in the organization. My view is that HR invites this situation to itself. The professional organizations to which they belong are not vocal about these issues and do not drive the agenda that is pro Economic Transformation & Change Management. Otherwise if this as the case, we would not be having people outside HR Profession being appointed into positions like Transformation Directors, Change Management Directors, Diversity Management Dir