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Returnees + Locals, together we can build a great South African nation!

Who are returnees? These are South Africans who lived, studied, and worked in foreign countries for at least more than 1 year and return to South Africa with new set of skills, insights, knowledge, newly acquired foreign language, newly acquired foreign culture, even new additional citizenship/national identity and extensive international network. And they are by birth proudly South African citizens who, like everybody else, want to contribute to the development of the country. Who are the locals? All of us, irrespective of whether you are a returnee or you have never been away from the country. The fact that you have never left the country does not make you less important or less knowledgeable. You just happened to develop yourself from home base. In South Africa, especially, have facilities and infrastructure equally advanced as any other country.  South Africa has not managed to integrate these two groupings of equally valuable citizens to its benefit. We continue sending