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Part 1: Planning and Delivering Professionalism!

A good start into the new year is a reliable indicator of someone who is professional and organized or has office administrators and managers with such qualities. The baseline is the way you ended your previous year. This is often taken for granted. We are too much in a hurry to go on holidays at the end of the year, forgetting that the way we end the year forms the baseline for the beginning into the new year. This is not to mean that going on holidays is of less importance, no! The best way of ending your year, before you go on holidays, is to produce your plan for the following year, together with your office administrators and managers. So, how did you end your 2018? Did that become the baseline for your 2019? To what extent did your office administrators and managers help you achieve this state?  To end your year with the following one in mind requires that you take the reviewing of the current year serious. This is irrespective of the process being subjective or objective. T