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COMETSA PMS Diversity Management & Inclusion Forum (DMIF), 11th March 2017

MONTHLY DIALOGUES The Lekgotla Way , OUR HERITAGE:  Knowledge Creation - Knowledge Consolidation - Knowledge Sharing - Knowledge Appreciation - Knowledge Exchange - Knowledge Application - Knowledge Management - Knowledge Preservation - Growing Together The LEKGOTLA Content - COMETSA PMS Diversity Management & Inclusion Forum (DMIF): A company's economic success relies on its encouragement of employee competencies and diversity. Diversity Management seeks to strategically use the various talents of each employee, which are based on diverse cultural and social backgrounds, to increase entrepreneurial and economic success.  The following aspects of Diversity Management & Inclusion will be discussed Diversity Management & Inclusion Guiding Principles;   Broad Definition of Diversity Management & Inclusion; Reasons (and the Rationale) for Diversity Management & Inclusion; The Diversity Management & Inclusion Dimension; The Advantages and Obj

FEBRUARY 2017 - CALL TO ACTION: COMETSA PMS The LEKGOTLA Way Networks & Forums Internal & External Mentors Network (IEMN) like a Mini-MBA

BACKGROUND: The day for the inaugural COMETSA PMS The LEKGOTLA Way Networks & Forums, is here. It is this weekend on Saturday, the 11 th February 2017, from 09h00 to 12h00, with a bonus 1 x hour Pre-Session and 1 x hour Post-Session Networking in the Garden. The Theme for this inaugural Network & Forums is COMETSA PMS Internal & External Mentors Network (IEMN). As I am sitting with the COMETSA team discussing this inaugural Network, I get more and more excited about this Journey we are about to embark on. We realise what it means to have each of our monthly Networks/Forums in a year dedicated to a particular theme, and not repeating that theme in the same year. This gives the participants of this particular Network a one year period in which to practice the concepts and apply the approaches coming from the Lekgotla. Just imagine yourself arriving at this inaugural Network addressing this crucial theme once only in this year 2017, and apply the knowledge until 2018