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Part 2/2019: Podcasting in the Context of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Podcasting has a young history but it is growing very fast as one of the social media platforms and vehicle for content marketing. Apple contributed to the development of podcasting. In fact every iPhone comes with Podcast App as a default. The mobile phones enable users to download podcast and many other Apps. This is a major contributor to the growth of the podcasting industry. The technologies that defines The 4th Industrial Revolution have impact on our lives and many sectors in the society. The most to benefit are the education, learning & development, and knowledge transfer sectors. Podcasting is one of the technology mediums to emerge in these sectors. It offers the opportunity to the teachers, facilitators, and consultants to maximize their delivery of lectures and knowledge to students. All what they need is to download a podcast app, subscribe to the podcaster, follow the platform and then learn at their own time, place, and pace. When the new episodes are published they

ALUMNI - Opportunity to make a difference (ploughing back)

We have all, in one way or another, undergone development since we have been born, and we continue to do so. This development is performed by public or private institutions like kindergarten, schools, colleges, academies, and universities. This suggests that behind our great names (as demonstrated in our curriculum vitae) and achievements there is the work of these institutions (and their teachers, facilitators, administrators, managers, leaders, and governing bodies). They continue with their work because this is their purpose. The question is: do we need to wait until there is dire need, disaster, outcry or we are invited, to go back to our former institutions to make a difference? The individuals, citizens and society that cares about its competitiveness and sustainability should be interested in doing so. In South Africa this should become every citizen’s desire and practice. We need every citizen’s participation in the rebuilding of our country. Education is the main foundation o

Diversity Management & Inclusion- Core to People Management Strategy

I held a talk at PowerFM987’s midnight show, PowerZone, with the host, Mr Morio Sanyane, on the 9th January 2019. During and after the show I continued to reflect on the inputs from the callers. It became clear to me that Diversity Management & Inclusion ought to become the strategic intent of South Africa if we are to move the country forward.  DISUNITY: South Africa is a complex and dynamic country with big ambitions but lacks structured approach to its disunity problem. This is a legacy problem from our Apartheid past. It continues to define the context in which we live, work, and function as a society. The time has come for us to face this ill head on as it is delaying us from progressing toward our dream future. We cannot stay in perpetual denial of our legacy problems like this one. Yes, is as a result of our history, especially Apartheid, but it must not define who we are to become. ONE IDENTITY: Our new reality is our lack of the capacity at both individual and org

Youth Development Coaching during VUCA and 4IR times

Coaching the youth during the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) times requires well thought through and designed Youth Development Coaching Programme. The youth’s present and future world is turbulent. It is unfolding at a speed none of us could ever have imagined. They need to be assisted more in imagining their future world, and see themselves conquering it. What distracts them is that they are inundated with too many stimuli from the current world. This is not supposed to be confusing them. In coaching nothing from our world is broken. It gives us valuable data to work with. That is the perspective we need to help the youth in mapping out their way forward. We celebrate this complexity, and help our clients (in this case the youth) to embrace it and befriend their fears. Out of this confusing world, through coaching intervention, we pull out our future stars. This is the most crucial role we as coaches and the gl