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The Process of the LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology

Step 1 - Arrival & Registration:   The COMETSA team has secured a standing venue for the monthly LEKGOTLA, with secured parking and welcoming amenities. The registration takes place inside the LEKGOTLA hall. There are welcome drinks. The environment, by the time the guests arrive is prepared and appealing. A soothing music is on, COMETSA branding is prepared, and the names of the guests with their details are ready. They are invited to come forward to COMETSA banner for collector's item picture with COMETSA leadership and staff. The social media platforms are set. The online friends of COMETSA are being update throughout. This is just the continuation of daily interaction since the first day of sending the event announcements and invitation online. Step 2 - Voluntary Pre-LEKGOTLA Networking (1 x Hour):   The LEKGOTLA officially starts at 09h00, but the venue is open at 08h00. This first hour is dedicated to the Voluntary Pre-LEKGOTLA Networking. It is COMETSA tradition to en

The Perspective of the LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology

MONTHLY FACE-TO-FACE INTERACTION & JOINT LEARNING:   Professionals are constantly looking for the opportunities to reach out to each other, interact and network. It is a professional need to be in the community of fellow professionals and discuss issues of common interest. We want the participants to look forward to meet their peers in a trusted and harmonious setting. That is our value-add to the professionals' growth. Joint learning platforms are what we believe in and commit to provide to our regular attendees of our monthly LEKGOTLA. PLATFORM FOR COLLECTIVELY CREATING NEW KNOWLEDGE:   It is very difficult to create and develop knowledge as an isolated individual. Every time one engages in a group dialogue new thoughts emerge. That is the power of collective thinking. We are confident that our monthly LEKGOTLA would become the home for journalists, opinion makers, broadcasters, etc. We are in need of creative reporting and writing. Knowledge and information is the food fo

The Origin of the LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology

Background: The formulation of COMETSA PMS The LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology, and establishment of COMETSA PMS Lekgotla Networks was informed by the by the strategic vision of COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd to find the African Methodolgy that can be used in administrative and operational effectiveness, team development, management excellence, and leadership dynamism to prepare our African continent for the ever changing and complex economic world, including coping with the fast encroaching digital transformation. The Digital Platform: We have created a digital platform on which we will continue researching, developing, innovating, and expanding this methodology. We want it to be among the most used methodologies in team development, management and leadership practices. Visit   African Roots: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: A  kgotla  is a public meeting, community council or  traditional law  court of a villa