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Part 2: Mentorship Programme for Life-Long Holistic Human Capital Development (OBJECTIVES, METHODS & TOOLS)

Although everyone may become a mentor, we would like to advocate for the professionalization of mentoring programme. As a mentor you have huge responsibility to your protégés and sponsors of your programme. Many books have been written on Mentorship. In this series I am intending to consolidate some useful insights on the subject from various contributors. I am a practitioner Mentor-Coach, Mentor, and Coach, and enjoys sharing knowledge that can be applied immediately to the real situation. My overall purpose is to introduce, promote, and support the concept I call LIFE-LONG HOLISTIC HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT, which I have been practicing for more than twenty two years. My company, COMETSA, has evidence of many young people who went through development programmes using this concept. Mentorship is one of the main pillars of the concept.  Some of the commonly listed objectives of Mentoring are to; create opportunities for new contacts and networks; utilize the organization’s existin