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Enroll for Your 2016 Professional & Executive Coaching Programme with COMETSA

COMETSA Sam Tsima Methodologists (Pty) Ltd is a continuous professional development specialist company that offers the following services branded as COMETSA Methods: ·          Coaching Methods; ·          Advisory Methods; ·          Mentoring Methods; ·          Entrepreneurship Methods; ·          Executives Retreat Methods; ·          Counselling Methods; ·          Networking Methods; ·          Consulting Methods; and ·          Transformation & Change Management Methods Our Coaching Framework ·          Planning for the coaching approach ·          Identification of the preferred learning styles ·          Identification of the opportunities and coaching topic & objectives ·          Conducting the coaching session ·          Providing feedback (Client feedback forms) ·          Plan interim feedback reports and learning activities ·          Provide end of programme coaching report ·          Close the coaching programme