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WOMEN EMPOWERMENT NETWORK (WEN): Since 2011 we have been hosting Women Empowerment sessions in August, the South African women's month, to support the country's commitment to empowering women and integrating them in the key sectors of our economy. This does not mean that men are excluded from this network. As long as they support the objectives of emancipating our female citizens, they are welcome to participate. Women are encouraged to take the leadership in their own empowerment and challenge men to be supportive of the programmes and initiatives. There is a need to consolidate Women Empowerment Programmes and Initiatives in South Africa to achieve maximum impact. Women are in the majority in South Africa. Their active participation in the economic activities of the country will increase our economic production, management and leadership capacity. This will make us economically competitive in the continent and globally. This is not a favour to women, but economic resource needs that cannot be ignore any longer.

THE 20th ANNIVERSARY INITIATIVE: We are marking COMETSA 20th Anniversary Celebrations in 2017 with the launch of the monthly COMETSA Professional Management Services – NETWORKS & FORUMS. These take a form of presentations, round-table discussions (dialogues and conversations), and questions & answers format facilitated by COMETSA Methodologists, Experts, Associates and Partners. In this fast changing world, it is impossible to remain at the required level of knowledge, expertise and information without formal and forums as part of continuous professional development. As a human capital development and management consulting company we see a need to coordinate and host such forums. Initially these forums will be hosted in Gauteng Province. In the near future we will make these Forums available across the country, in each Province, on demand.

RSVP: To enrol and participate in our public COMETSA Professional Management Services NETWORKS & FORUMS, contact our administrators Pinky Nevondo and Ayanda Oshima, at callcentre@Cometsa-GoC.com ;  tel +27 11 974 9308 or visit our websites www.SamTsima.com  or www.Cometsa-GoC.com  


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