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Cometsa Applied Sport Programme to reach South African regions in 2011

Cometsa Applied Sport Programme is the product of Cometsa Applied Sport Academy, a division of Cometsa Sports Development Agency. We intend to empower individuals, communities, sport organizations and governement administrators and officials in the rural villages, peri-urban and urban towns with the knowledge in sport administration, management and leadership. The programme modules are offered as bundles of certificates programmes of about two to three units over two or three days. These are not academic programmes, but practice based programmes, backed by well researched theoretical material. We are not motivated by profits but the desire to impart practical and applied sport administration, management and leadership knowledge to the South African sporting communities. Hence the programme and the academy are owned by our non-profit section 21 organization, Cometsa Sports Development Agency. The members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club are enrolled on reduced rates. To find mo…