Cometsa Applied Sport Programme to reach South African regions in 2011

Cometsa Applied Sport Programme is the product of Cometsa Applied Sport Academy, a division of Cometsa Sports Development Agency. We intend to empower individuals, communities, sport organizations and governement administrators and officials in the rural villages, peri-urban and urban towns with the knowledge in sport administration, management and leadership. The programme modules are offered as bundles of certificates programmes of about two to three units over two or three days. These are not academic programmes, but practice based programmes, backed by well researched theoretical material. We are not motivated by profits but the desire to impart practical and applied sport administration, management and leadership knowledge to the South African sporting communities. Hence the programme and the academy are owned by our non-profit section 21 organization, Cometsa Sports Development Agency. The members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club are enrolled on reduced rates. To find more about the membership, visit our site or .


  1. Cometsa Professional Management Services is appointed as the Professional Manager of the prominent South African soccer administrator, Mr Louis "Sprinter - King Louis" Tshakoane. This moves means that Mr Tshakoane can focus on his main task of being a soccer administrator without worrying about the administration and logistical matters. All that will be handled by Cometsa Professional Management Services,a company dedicated to the management of the professional individuals who use their experience and practical talent in addressing the human capital development & investment needs of the country. These professionals either do not have the capacity and/or infrastructure to manage their operations, or they are just too busy to be involved in the administrative work of their professional lives. But more so, it is a new trend for professional people to appoint personal management companies to enhance their professional performance. The appointment to manage Mr Tshakoane will give impetus to the Cometsa Applied Sport Programme (CASPRO). He will also be partnering with Cometsa Applied Sport Academy (a division of Cometsa Sports Development Agency) in delivering the following aspects of the Programme, country-wide:

    MENTORSHIP: Cometsa mentors and advisors are available to establish direct and indirect relationships with the graduates and their sport Clubs’ players, managers and leaders on a nominal fee, to monitor the application of the acquired knowledge. They will help the graduates, managers and leaders to achieve their sport objectives and cope with the challenges that are encountered in their business of sport.

    ADVISORY: Cometsa mentors and advisors, will on an on-going basis, advice the graduates on how to cope with the pressures of being the professional sport practitioners. This service will be coordinated by Cometsa Sport Development Agency office.

    MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES AND TALKS: The field consultants at Cometsa Sports Development Agency, on request by the clients, organise and coordinate regular sport motivational sessions at various regions, on a nominal fee. Cometsa mentors and advisors present motivational speeches and talks to the players, members, supporters, fans, managers and leaders of sport organizations.

    SPORT CLINICS: Cometsa Sports Development Agency sport development specialists and practitioners undertake trips to the regions to offer sport clinics, on a nominal fee. The purpose is to assist the sport trainers and coaches with their training and coaching programmes.

    SPORT COACHES ASSISTANCE: Cometsa Sport Development Agency plays key role in the development of coaches of the various sporting codes throughout the country. The clients, members and associates have access to our experts whenever they need their help, on a nominal fee.

    PUBLIC SESSIONS: Cometsa mentors and advisors hold Public Sessions with the members of the public on the topic of Sport Development, Management and Leadership. This include talks on radios, televisions, newspapers and/or by addressing public forums.

    Mr Tshakoane, who is the new Regional President of the South African Football Association(SAFA)Ekurhuleni Region, is also the official Ambassador of Cometsa Group.

    Any interest in engaging Mr Louis "Sprinter - King Louis" Tshakoane" in his personal capacity, for motivational speaking, etc., should be addressed to Cometsa Group Shared Services, P.O. Box 31429 Braamfontein, 2017 SOUTH AFRICA; emai; tel. +27 11 974 9308 fax. +27 11 974 5612 or visit our websites: ;


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