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Applied Professional Coaching: A Game Changer in Life-Long Holistic Human Capital Development

IN CONTEXT - Coaching always takes place in a particular context for the client and/or the sponsor. In Executive Coaching by the Client we refer to the Coaches, and the Sponsor. The contract is a three-party affair. But the Coach must never forget that the primary Client is the Coaches. He/she comes first. The Context we are referring to is that of the primary Client (the Coaches). That Context is to do with the Client’s Professional or Personal Development or the Circumstances in the Sponsor/Organization that requires him/her to respond in a particular way. But the focus is always forward int the Future, and we are always positive in our approach. It is about a shift from the Current State of Being (CSoB) to the Future State ofBeing (FSoB).
APPLIED - Yes, we all need the understanding of Concepts, Theories, Methodologies, Models, and Tools in Coaching. We learn all these in the Coaching Programmes and Courses. However, Coaching is an Applied Intervention. The real Coach shows up in ap…

Why Leadership Fails? – The Coach’s View

The world is experiencing weakness in leadership today than at any era in history. This is not due to the gap in leadership expertise and competence. It is due to the forever changing context, driven by new technologies. The situation is also made complex and dynamic as a result of growing need for transparency in leadership practices. Not everybody that aspires to become a leader becomes a successful. Most successful leaders are aware that it is not all within their capabilities to be successful. That is why leadership coaching is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It has proven itself to be the most critical human capital intervention that each leader must have. The coach is a strategic thinking partner that challenges the leader in line with the prevailing context and possible future scenarios.
Greed is one of the many reasons leaders are likely to fail. They may be greedy personally or on behalf of their organizations. Realistic thinking is a tactic that could be used to guard aga…


The morale all over the world is low as a result of leadership disappointments experienced by the people. The leaders and people have lost each other. Even though the citizens of the world vote for the leaders, the leaders behave as if they are not accountable to the people. The civil movements that used to hold the leaders accountable are more than ever before, compromised. We are living in a fast changing world, dictated to by the new technologies. The Artificial Intelligence and 4th Industrial Revolution are the orders of the day. At the same time organizations, companies, communities, citizens and the countries are threatened by cyber crime. The governments are not investing enough in research to up the cyber security and develop experts to take cyber criminals head on. We require situational and proactive leadership that will function effectively in the digitalised world. That is the new leadership competence that the authors of leadership curriculum are slow to incorporate in th…