Facilitation Methods

FACILITATION METHODS: we are experts in getting the best out of people through facilitation. We appreciate the fact that the knowledge resides within people and it is the people themselves who must reach their knowledge reservoir. We do not bring knowledge but we uncover knowledge in people. We offer a variety of facilitation in strategy development, diversity management & inclusion, employment equity, skills development, corporate social responsibility, management & leadership development, orientation & induction, organization development & design, transformation & change management, and global talent mobility programmes. Facilitation professionals with interest in becoming our Facilitation Methods associates are invited to register with Ms Portia Diketane. Clients are also welcome to contact her at callcentre@Cometsa-GoC.com or tel +27 11 974 9308; or visit our website www.SamTsima.com or www.Cometsa-GoC.com

- ASSOCIATES DIVISION: this is our source of capacity to meet the forever growing demand for our portfolio of services by our current and new clients. We want you to join this great team of associates, who work as independents under the governance of our organization, delivering quality services according to our set standards, informed by the needs and expectations of our clients. All you need to do to register as our associate in your chosen Method is to send your one page profile to Portia. Based on the quality of your profile and your credentials, she will make sure that COMETSA Shared Services Management send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Form and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Form. You will need to complete the two forms, attach your certified copy of ID and/or passport and declaration that you are available to practice as an independent associate in your chosen Method with us. We will arrange a dialogue with you, either telephonically, via Skype or where possible face to face, to confirm your credentials and competences.

- PRACTITIONER ACADEMIES DIVISION: this is a home of our internal ongoing development of our Methodologists and Associates, to make sure that we continuously deliver according to our models and set standards. This does not lead to any academic qualification. It is a readiness mechanism for our Methodologists and Associates.

- PRACTICE DIVISION: all our Methodologists and Associates are deployed at our clients by the Practice Division within Sam Tsima World Wide Methods (Pty) Ltd, supported by COMETSA Shared Services Management within Tsima COMETSA Management (Pty) Ltd. Your rates are negotiated with our administrators, who take into account our agreements with the clients at which you are deployed. We are a progressive Management Consulting company that believes in empowering our Methodologists and Associates.

I look forward to working with you for a very long time.


Sam Tsima
COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd, and Sam Tsima World Wide Methods (Pty) Ltd
Email: callcentre@Cometsa-GoC.com ; Tel: +27 11 974 9308
www.SamTsima.com ; www.Cometsa-GoC.com


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