Mr Louis “Sprinter – King Louis” Tshakoane, COMETSA Group Ambassador (President & Chairman’s Office)

It has always been a great pleasure to work with Mr Louis Tshakoane, the former Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Kaizer Chiefs FC, in the then NSL. He was famously known as “Sprinter” or “King Louis”. We were in opposite camps then. I was the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Wits University FC. This was in 1994 NSL season. My relationship with Louis remained solid, until today. Those were great years of PROs in football in South Africa.

I have observed Louis progressed from being a PRO to becoming one of the great football administrators in South Africa. We are blessed as a country to have people like Louis, who have stayed in football for such a long time. He is, today, the President of Ekurhuleni Football Association (SAFA). 

It is my pleasure that my relationship with Louis resulted in him joining me at COMETSA as our Group Ambassador (President & Chairman’s office), since 2013. COMETSA, especially my office, is benefiting a lot from Louis’ knowledge, experience, and wisdom. This goes beyond football. Louis is a multifaceted individual. He has great interest in the development of South Africa in many aspects, e.g. community development, political maturity, economy, and business. We share a lot about the future of our country. COMETSA provides a great platform for Louis to make contribution and pursue his Life Purpose. We believe that by associating with Louis we are contributing to the preservation of his Legacy, and building a Heritage for the younger generation of our country.

We are going to work closely with Louis in our COM ETSA Research Project – Village Football Clubs, especially in the Greater Sekhukhune Region, under the leadership of COMETSA Jane Furse Sekhukhune FC (Pty) Ltd. We hope to reach out to the football authorities in Sekhukhune District Municipality, especially Sekhukhune Local Football Association (SAFA), Local Government, traditional leaders, schools, communities, counselors, etc. We have requested our leaders in Sekhukhune to engage with all these structures on the ground about this exciting project. We believe that it will contribute to football development in the region.

We can promise COMETSA members and friends in the Greater Sekhukhune Region that Louis “Sprinter – King Louis” Tshakoane will become a regular guest in the region as we hold a series of workshops, dialogues, road-shows, football clinics, seminars and conferences under COMETSA Jane Furse Sekhukhune FC (Pty) Ltd.

You can write to Louis at or ; tel +27 11 974 9308, c/o Ms Pinky Nevondo, General Administrator, COMETSA Events Management (Pty) Ltd.

Statement issued by: Sam Tsima, President & Chairman, COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd,


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