COACHING PURPOSE: Why do we coach? What does coaching help you achieve?

The purpose of my Coaching Model is generically to serve the world good. It is transformation in its nature and it responses to the issues that the clients bring to the table with them. In general, I want my clients to understand the world they find themselves in. This empowers them to define their specific challenges and opportunities within a well defined context.

We live in a complex and diverse world that is fully integrated. The emergence of technologies, especially social media, has made the world citizens interact instantly with each other. We are fast becoming one big global society. This calls for the coaches to live up to this reality by taking Diversity & Cross Cultural Coaching to the nations. I enjoy doing coaching in environment that aspires to develop competence in Diversity, Inclusion, and Cross Cultural operations.  

The only constant in our world is transformation and change. Coaching is a very powerful means by which to make the society and people to cope with transformation & change management. The clients that have to constantly adapt to change and drive transformation benefit from my Transformation & Change Management Coaching Programme. They are in most cases managers and leaders of organisations that are complex. The coaching has to integrate Management, Leadership, Professional and Executive Coaching Imperatives.

To complete my coaching menu card I add Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Youth Development, and Celebrity Coaching. This is a general contribution to human development and growing the coaching profession while helping the clients grow themselves, privately and professionally. I help them make a conscious shift from the Current State of Being (CSB) to their ideal Future State of Being (FSB). So, my coaching is about a shift. It is about change from one point to another. 

My clients’ definitive coaching purpose is the ultimate. I help them become aware of their current reality, and their future possibilities. I then accompany them, through coaching programme, on the building of the bridge between individuals and groups. They realise their talent, make transition, see the culture of others and embrace it.

My coaching is about context and specifics. It is however aligned to common generic and broad themes. As a coach that built my human capital capabilities by volunteering in a number of organizations and communities, I often find myself coaching for or in the Not for Profit Organizations context. I therefore see my coaching model and programme being responsive to the needs of the society as expressed in that context. 

The competences of the society are multiplied by having a big number of the citizens being exposed to coaching. This is only possible where commercial interests do not supersede a desire to volunteer our coaching services. The non-profit organizations are the only structures in the society that are able to fulfill this need.

Before my clients define the coaching purpose of their Coaching Programme, they are taken through the following Coaching Programme Checklist

  •        Coaching Subject/Topic: what type of a Coaching Programme are we embarking on?
  •        Coaching Objectives: what are we trying to achieve?
  •        Performance Indicators: how will we know when we have achieved the coaching objectives?
  •         Goal: will we define the achievement as end goal or performance goal?
  •         Measurement: how measurable is the goal.
  •         Control: to what extent can we control the result? What sort of things won’t we have control over?
  •        Effect: do you feel that achieving the goal will stretch or break you?
  •        Target date: when do you want to achieve the goal by?
  •         Milestones: what are the milestones or key points on the way to achieving the goal?
  •         Stakeholders: who is involved and what effect could they have on the situation?
  •         Interventions to date: what has been done to date, and what results as achieved?

When the coaching purpose is achieved, the client will experience, among others, the following generic impact: 

  •        Greater comprehension of development objectives
  •        More focused development and growth
  •        Increased sense of safety while learning
  •        Higher productivity and evaluations
  •        More possibilities for advancement
  •        Greater cultural awareness
  •        More education & career resilience
  •        Increased visibility among stakeholders
  •        Greater teamwork and participation skills


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