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PASSION & ENTHUSIASM (21/04/2019 - 27/04/2019): Practicing REFLECTION is a powerful way to embed the knowledge in our long-term memory. We use it frequently in Coaching for the clients and during Coaches Supervision. This week of PASSION & ENTHUSIASM started with a weekly Sunday, 21/04/2019, AFFIRMATION; “I am Strong! I am Bold! I am more Courageous than I know! This was the first time ever that I endorsed an Affirmation that really made me feel like I was beating my chest with a sense of truly being me. Indeed, I genuinely felt that I am STRONG, I am BOLD and COURAGEOUS.  It spoke to me. I felt uncomfortable initially, but I have overcome the feelings and believed. 

The Monday’s are my most favorite days of the week, as I post the five questions of the week. But as always it starts with a day’s INSPIRATION. Similarly, this Monday, the 22/04/2019, started with the daily quote, “Passion emerges when your essence expresses itself. How do you stop yourself from fully expressing who you are?”, the Author unknown. 

The five questions followed the statement: “To have more fun connect to your passions & shine in life”;  Who you are shines through when you connect to your passion & what matters to you.

1. What do you do for play? When do you have the most fun? I sometimes go for soccer on Saturdays. I watch F1 on TV, football, etc. I have more fun when I read books though. I enjoy acquiring insights, writing my learnings, producing podcasts and writing my blog, Sam Tsima Network.
2. What thrills you? What takes you out of yourself? When do you lose all sense of time? My love for knowledge and sharing with others. My love for the youth, and children. I want to teach them what I know about life. I loose sense of time when there is assignment for the customers and stakeholders. I put them first. They sustain us. They pay us for the good work we do for them.

3. How & when do you stop yourself from fully expressing who you are? I do not intentionally do that. When that happens I probably genuinely want to use my life experience to bring the point across. Obviously, I am sometimes not understood to be making such a point.

4. How would you give the world something of yourself? I am freely sharing insights and knowledge through my daily INSPIRATIONS, regular blogging and podcasting.

5. What will it take to bring more passion and enthusiasm into your life? I would like to see my company growing, employing young graduates, guiding them to fulfill their tasks, and then withdrawing from my daily operational involvement, travel the world, following F1, attending ICF Annual Gatherings, and attend the Podcast Movement Annual Exhibition in the US. 

On Tuesday, the 23/04/2019, I was inspired by the quote from Aldous Leonard Huxley, “The Secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm”. Huxley was an English writer and philosopher. He authored nearly fifty books - both novels and non-fiction works - as well as wide-ranging essays, narratives, and poems. Born into the prominent Huxley family, he graduated from Balliol College with an undergraduate degree in English. He died on the 22nd November 1963, in Los Angeles County, California, United States.

The quote from an unknown author inspired us on Wednesday, the 24th April 2019, “Our lives are successful only to the degree that we can express and act on what inspires us. Give the world something of yourself”. I am inspired when I expose my coaching clients to my coaching philosophies, making them realize the importance of their Current State of Being (CSoB) and imagine their Future State of Being (FSoB), then working with me, their Coach, to transition. My daily Inspirations are transforming me greatly, and am enjoying the routine.

The Inspiration on Thursday, 25/04/2019, based on the quotation from George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. George Bernard Shaw, known at his insistence simply as Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist. His influence on Western theatre, culture and politics extended from the 1880s to his death and beyond. He died on the 2nd November 1950 in UK.

The father of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale’s quote was the inspiration on Friday, the 26th April 2019, “Get interested in something! Get absolutely enthralled in something! Get out of yourself! Be somebody! I am very interested in Philosophy, the writings of ancient Greek Philosophers like Socrates and Plato. Thinking and engaging my Mind thrills me. I like imagining the future from now and influencing it.

Then came Saturday, the 27th April 2019, the Freedom Day in South Africa, and the weekly Saturday journaling day for me. The prompt was: What am I passionate about? What thrills me? How can I bring more of this into my life? I am passionate about Philosophy. I am not the one but I enjoy reading about their lives, how they thought. And how they valued traveling extensively. They were great thinkers. I am going to read more about these great Philosophers and make them relevant to now. 

I am looking forward to sharing another reflection with you. Stay connected.


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