Youth Development Coaching during VUCA and 4IR times

Coaching the youth during the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) times requires well thought through and designed Youth Development Coaching Programme.

The youth’s present and future world is turbulent. It is unfolding at a speed none of us could ever have imagined. They need to be assisted more in imagining their future world, and see themselves conquering it.

What distracts them is that they are inundated with too many stimuli from the current world. This is not supposed to be confusing them. In coaching nothing from our world is broken. It gives us valuable data to work with. That is the perspective we need to help the youth in mapping out their way forward. We celebrate this complexity, and help our clients (in this case the youth) to embrace it and befriend their fears. Out of this confusing world, through coaching intervention, we pull out our future stars. This is the most crucial role we as coaches and the global coaching community want to and are playing.

At any point in time, among my coaching clients, I am having at least one or two youth I am coaching. Their parents, whom I regard as being progressive and forward-looking, pay for their full year coaching fees. I am proud of these parents. I always encourage them not see this as expenditure as waste but investment in the future of their beloved children. We see the youth for two hours once a month. I like engaging the youth in Youth Development Coaching Programme while they are in earlier grades before grade twelve.

Today (3rd January 2019) South Africans are celebrating the high school final year examination results. Whereas the majority of parents, pupils, and educators are celebrating their successes, for some are at pains, trying to make sense of what went wrong. They did not make it.

From coaching perspective, this is not the time to be asking questions. It is the time of reflections and soul searching. As coaches we are interested in what you do with the child that has just missed the opportunity to transition to the next stage of his/her life, from education and development point of view. We are concerned with what you, the parent and educator, must be doing to support this child realise that out of the misery there are many other options in life, nevertheless.

We must acknowledge the fact that it is not only the child that has not made it. All the other supposing role players, namely, parents, educators, mentors, advisors, friends, government, family members, and the society at large have also let themselves down. This is the moment of reflection and making lessons from the missed opportunity.

Coaching (Youth Development Coaching included) is about positivity and progressiveness. We encourage all role players to avoid using terms like failure. The saying goes: “Failure is a delayed success”, author unknown. Coaches focus on turning negative experiences into positive ones.

For the youth that have made it, this is the beginning of the new, critical and most challenging era and transition of their lives. If they never had coaching as early as at least grade eleven, they probably have not experienced the impact of Youth Development Coaching Programme. They are not aware of how different coaching is to mentorship, teaching, support and advisory.

Coaching is dynamic, challenging, solution seeking, and forward looking. It ignites the mind of the person being coached to search for own way of looking for answers to life and development challenges. Once the youth has been exposed to coaching, they would have acquired life-long practical methodology to dealing with challenges.

CAUTION: Coaching the youth does not mean taking over and running their lives. It is about creating the opportunity for them to engage with their lives situations. The coach is there to challenge and makes them interested in their own development journey.

Our Youth Development Coaching is based on what we call Youth Development and Life Transitions (from home to junior schooling; from junior to high schooling; from high schooling to college/university education; from local to overseas/international education programme; entering the world of work/industry; entering independent life away from parents; and transitioning into sustainable adulthood).

Let us help you master your personal, education and development journey through Youth Development Coaching Programme during this VUCA and 4th Industrial Revolution times. You should take the opportunity to influence this world. The opportunities are immense. Get hold of them with both your hands. Good luck in your Life Journey!

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  1. Hi Sam
    A great article indeed more especially at this time of the year to assist in the development of young people. Looking at the title of your abstract, however, I anticipated on reading about how you would link Coaching and 4IR but you seem to have omitted that part which is a Buzz item nowadays.

  2. You are so right. However, I wanted to focus on the current matter of the youth and the responses to the grade 12 results. I am am addressing the 4th Industrial Revolution in a series. I will be posting the series in this blog as well. Thank you for your interest.


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