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It has come to my attention that not everyone is able to access this powerful holistic development tool, coaching. I am privileged as a coach to know how powerful coaching is in assisting people to attain their goals in life. Not everyone can afford face to face coaching programme that is designed and tailor-made for their needs. Not everyone knows what coaching is or has experienced its impact. So far, most people know coaching from sport perspective. They think that they do not need coaching in other aspects of their life. This is unfortunate because they will never catch up with their peers and/or get to discover their life purpose, and potential. I have taken a decision to change this, not only through my face to face coaching programme offering that you have to pay for but through my Online Life, Sport, Professional and Business Coaching Platform, , that I will be launching soon. My webmaster, hosting company, and COMETSA Sales, Marketing & Public Relations Sector Head are working on this project. The platform should be operational by the end of August 2016. Then your interaction with me on Coaching, Mentoring, Advisory, Networking, and holistic TRIAD Human Capital Development topics will never be the same. TRIAD = (i) Community Sector, (ii) Learning Institutions Sector, and (iii) Corporate & Work Place Sector. These are the sectors in which I practice my Coaching and Mentoring, etc.

Here is my story about how I became a Life, Sport, Professional and Business Coach: I had embarked on the Life-Long Journey to become a Life, Sport, Professional and Business Coach from long time ago, without me being aware that this was happening. Now you can understand why there are people who live and die without knowing what their Life Calling (Purpose) is, because of not having applied their MIND and entered that JOURNEY that would take them to their DESTINY (which is equivalent to their Life Purpose). It is for this reason that my Coaching Model is called The MIND! The JOURNEY! The DESTINY! We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY!

In the early stages of my life I committed myself to self-learning practice and developed a culture of generic learning. I spotted weaknesses in our bantu education system and vowed to mitigate those weaknesses through holistic learning, i.e. learning beyond narrow prescribed syllabus of our education system. I started reading broadly and developed multiple interests. In standard 9 (now Grade 10), while studying at Boaparankwe College in Marble Hall, my former teacher, Mr Lucas Mphahlele Tshehla, enrolled me in the national Science Week Olympiad Competition. I did well and was among the students from the then Lebowa Homeland (now Limpopo Province) to go onto educational tour of the then Southern Transvaal (now Gauteng Province). We visited a number of interesting places of learning, including the Wits University Planetarium. This marked the biggest shift in my life. I decided to come back to Gauteng to study further at Wits University, which I did upon completing my matric. And I continued with my holistic learning philosophy and participated in a number of external programmes on a voluntary basis. This included both on and off campus. For example I took keen interest in the programmes of organizations like National Federated Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NAFCOC), and Black Management Forum (BMF), thanks to my mentor, Mr George Negota, who was active in both NAFCOC and BMF.

Upon joining the Industry, I continued my participation in the Black Management Forum, Johannesburg Branch. I became one of the BMF Affirmative Action Brokers after attending an intensive training programme facilitated by Mr Mpho Makwana, who was then internal consultant at the BMF. It is during this period of the Affirmative Action drive by the BMF that I discovered my facilitation abilities. I knew that I could become a consultant, mentor and/or facilitator of Transformation and Change Management. We were like economic activists, pushing for full involvement of black managers in the South African corporate sector. The BMF gave me the opportunity to participate in a business simulation programme called SWEDLEARN in Cape Town at Caltex head office. I cannot forget the insights the simulation gave to me and my BMF colleagues.

On my own initiative I discovered that my bantu education English knowledge was very limiting. I enrolled for a correspondence English Language Diploma studies with the Study Group from Howick, in Kwa-Zulu Natal. I paid for the fees out of my little salary, as I believed that this was for me, nobody else. I successfully completed the course, and my growth in the corporate world was accelerated by my newly acquired English language knowledge.

I then developed interest in the Mind of people in general, and how I could develop my cognitive ability. I again privately took correspondence studies, a Certificate in Mind & Memory, called Pelmanism, offered by The Pelman Institute in the United Kingdom. You may wonder how I got to know of all these courses and programmes. This is as a result of my holistic development philosophy and practice, which attracted all these opportunities to me. But I must say, one has always lived a very active learning life. I have since been having fun in learning new things. The Pelmanism course was life-changing for me. I am still applying the Mind & Memory tools I learned in the course. It is one of the qualifications I still highly value even today. Unfortunately Pelman Institute does not exist anymore. I even used the content to train some of the founding players and members of COMETSA Development  Football Club in Johannesburg during their weekly Saturday classes at the Central Johannesburg College (Parktown Campus).

During my four years stay in Germany, after completing my German Language Diploma studies, I saw a need to continue with my Personality Development Programmes, and enrolled for another correspondence methodology certificate programme called Hirt Methode, offered by Hirt Institut in Zurich, Switzerland, . It was quite interesting, especially the approach in German language, something very different in the packaging of Personality Development Programmes. This is another qualification that serves me very well in my Coaching business. I have learned a lot of self-organizing tools and concepts from Hirt Methode course.

I was based in the City of Cologne in Germany. In order to meet with other Methodiker (i.e. Methodologists), I joined the Cologne branch of the German organization called Gesellschaft fuer Arbeitsmethodik e.V., . It was during this period that I came into contact with the Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as one of my friends from Aachen was an NLP specialist. Coaching was not yet that much in thing then, only in Sports.

Fast forward, back home in South Africa, I became very active in development and professional football (soccer). I became a Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the then Wits University FC (now BidVest Wits FC), in the then National Soccer League (now Professional Soccer League), while working for Siemens Limited, first as a Commercial Administrator, and later Head: Commercial Training. I enrolled for the South African Football Association (SAFA) Level 1 Coaching Certificate, under then technical director, Mr Horst Kriete. It was during this time that I launched COMETSA Development Football Club in Hillbrow/Parktown Johannesburg, and started applying my holistic coaching knowledge (sport and life coaching) to the youth in the club. I also enrolled for correspondence studies, Certificate in Sport Psychology with INTEC College which I completed. This qualification helped me a lot in youth development through sport at COMETSA. In preparation for Sport Business Management at COMETSA I enrolled for another correspondence course, Certificate in Sport Management with Allenby College, which I also completed and started applying some of the knowledge in running COMETSA Development Football Club.

During the running of COMETSA Development Football Club, I studied John Maxwell's famous book, The 21 Irrifutable Laws of Leadership, and used it as a workshop reference material during our Saturday classes with the youth for a full one year. This was transformational in terms of introducing leadership to the youth. Some of them have moved on to become great leaders in their own right. COMETSA Sports Development Agency NPC was lucky to receive funding from the German development agency, GIZ, to run Youth Development Through Football Programme (YDF) for football development coaches in Johannesburg and Mabopane. I also became the student and received the YDF certificate. Today, I use this qualification when I give sport life coaching to the youth wh want to pursue career in sports.

My practical development and growth as a Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Networker, Consultant and TRIAD Human Capital specialist were enhanced in my official roles at the following companies and organizations I worked for or worked with: Demag Cranes (Pty) Ltd, Siemens AG (Germany), Siemens Limited (South Africa), Kuehne & Nagel Luftfracht GmbH (Germany), Kuehne & Nagel Airfreight (Pty) Ltd (South Africa), Deutsche Lufthansa AG (Germany), Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (Germany), Absa Bank, Sasol Limited, Motorola Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd, Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), Institute of People Management (IPM), Dr Richard Maponya Institute for Skills and Entrepreneurship Development NPC, South Africa - German Training Services (incorporating Commercial Advancement Training Scheme - CATS, and Soweto Builders Training Centre - BTC), and of course my own company, COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd,

My formal Coaching Diploma training at The Coaching Centre (TCC), , for me was like the roofing and wrapping up of my Coaching Development Journey. The perspective I brought with into the TCC Coaching Diploma studies was extremely useful. The methodologies I acquired from the TCC make it possible for me to expand my coaching offerings under COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd.

Note: My learning JOURNEY in Coaching continues with the German correspondence institute, Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt, where I am enrolled for further development. It will continue to the highest level of Coaching as the profession is fast becoming key in Human Capital Development, and nobody should be without a coach.

I am here presenting myself as your Coach, both online and face to face. Watch the space as I launch the online platform

Should you need a coach for yourself or your team, contact me via COMETSA office at or tel +27 11 974 9308 and speak to Portia.


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