Cometsa Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme

Cometsa Vision, Mission & Values
The Vision is to work toward the future that will become an inspirational legacy for many generations
Mission: By offering Human Capital Development & Management programmes and interventions
Cometsa Values: Promotion of diversity; Creation of harmony; Inter-cultural understanding; Entrenchment of professionalism; Encouragement of creativity; and Commitment to efficiency.

We help organizations identify management capabilities needed to accomplish the organization’s business goals, secure senior management support for the development processes, develop a tailored management development interventions which are aligned with the business needs,  introduce integrated coaching for performance, and achieve individual and organizational accountability within their businesses.

Partnership with the Cooperative Education Departments
Cometsa Human Capital Investments works closely with the Cooperative Education Departments of the Universities of Technology, Comprehensive Universities, and Further Education & Training Colleges in identifying graduates with potential to succeed as entrepreneurs with the Enterprise model of employment.

Sourcing and placing graduates
We are using non-traditional approach in sourcing the graduates for our clients.
The sourcing process:
·         Briefing sessions with the Cooperative Education personnel of the learning institutions
·         Submission of CVs of the potential candidates
·         Screening & first short listing of the candidates
·         First interviews by Cometsa officers
·         Second short-listing of the candidates
·         Submission of the shortlisted candidates to the company
·         Interviews by the company
·         Appointments
·         Successful candidates attend a one day Cometsa Entrepreneurship & Employability Skills Programme and six weeks in-company orientation/induction and products training programme, as part of three months probation period
Profile of Entrepreneurs within the Enterprise
The graduate must
·         Be quick in grasping the concept of the Entrepreneur within the Enterprise.
·         Be able to convert theory into practice
·         Be creative, innovative and
·         Be hard working.
The graduates should possess the following qualities:
ü  Organization skills
ü  Negotiation skills
ü  Presentation
ü  Displays responsibility
ü  Self-esteem
ü  Sociability
ü  Self – management
ü  Integrity and honesty, and
ü  Extends these skills to facilitating working well with others
ü  Working under pressure in high performance culture
ü  Thinks creatively
ü  Makes decisions
ü  Solves problems
ü  Visualizes
ü  Knows how to learn and reason, and
ü  Acquire and utilize information to aid these processes where necessary
ü  Understands complex interrelationships of systems and works with a variety of technologies
ü  Handling Databases, and Software solutions

Entrepreneurship Skills Programme
Topic 1: Communication Skills
Topic 2: Entrepreneurship behaviours, skills and tools
Topic 3: Techniques to improve attainment to sustain entrepreneurship –related goal: Dealing with stress; Anxiety management; and Time management
Topic 4: Effective attitudes/behaviours in business: Personal qualities required for the entrepreneurship; Attitudes – in running business; Dealing with diversity in business; Assertiveness; and dealing with conflict
Topic 5: Development of self-esteem and confidence: Team building; and Confidence building
Topic 6: Thinking skills, learning styles strategies: Attention and concentration; Memory; Planning; and Problem solving and decision making

Continuous professional support through Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club
Upon appointment, the graduates are encouraged to join Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club, and benefit from continuous mentoring and coaching support:

Type: a non-profit making organisation (NPO) serving the interests of the members and friends of Cometsa development organizations.

Vision: to provide development and social life opportunities for all the friends and supporters of Cometsa organizations

Mission: by organizing networking functions, events, special offers and development programmes for the members.

Main objective: mobilize people support and ensure that the members experience quality of life by belonging to Cometsa

Monthly Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme Indaba, Central Johannesburg College of FET
The last Saturday of every month is reserved for face to face Cometsa Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme workshop. These workshops bring experienced business leaders into contact with our graduates who need to be inspired to go extra mile in starting and building their professional careers, as Entrepreneurs in Enterprises, by way of owning their jobs and careers, and for those who chooses to become entrepreneurs to go all out and become successful. The story of the professionals’ careers is inspirational enough for these graduates and other participants in the programme. This is the Cometsa way of contributing to the growth of our society and the economy. We are taking the country forward.

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