COMETSA PMS Diversity Management & Inclusion Forum (DMIF), 11th March 2017

MONTHLY DIALOGUES The Lekgotla Way, OUR HERITAGE:  Knowledge Creation - Knowledge Consolidation - Knowledge Sharing - Knowledge Appreciation - Knowledge Exchange - Knowledge Application - Knowledge Management - Knowledge Preservation - Growing Together

The LEKGOTLA Content - COMETSA PMS Diversity Management & Inclusion Forum (DMIF): A company's economic success relies on its encouragement of employee competencies and diversity. Diversity Management seeks to strategically use the various talents of each employee, which are based on diverse cultural and social backgrounds, to increase entrepreneurial and economic success. 

The following aspects of Diversity Management & Inclusion will be discussed

Diversity Management & Inclusion Guiding Principles;
 Broad Definition of Diversity Management & Inclusion;
Reasons (and the Rationale) for Diversity Management & Inclusion;
The Diversity Management & Inclusion Dimension;
The Advantages and Objectives of Diversity Management & Inclusion;
Diversity Management & Inclusion Challenges; 
Diversity Management & Inclusion Implementation Guidelines
Cultural Diversity & Social Cohesion in South Africa 

DATE: Saturday, 11th March 2017; TIME: 09h00 – 13h00

VENUE: The Mannah Executive Guest Lodge, , 39 Pomona Road, outside Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng Province

FEES: Volunteers = R 290.00 (excl. VAT); Members = R 350.00 (excl. VAT); Non-Members = R 390.00 (excl. VAT)

RSVP: Contact COMETSA Office at tel 011 974 9308; ; www.Cometsa-GoC.Com  ; Attention:  Portia Diketane

CHECKING-IN: On arrival you will be pointed to a parking space, the LEKGOTLA room, Registration desk, and have the opportunity to network with other LEKGOTLA participants in the garden. At exactly 09h00 we kick-off the LEKGOTLA with the following short presentations;

Presentation 1: Presentation and insights into Diversity Management & Inclusion (including Cultural Diversity); and Relevance to Social Cohesion and integration of legal foreign citizens into the South African Society
Presentation 2: The Guidelines & Setting Up of the LEKGOTLA Round Tables
Presentation 3: Presentation, Insights and Demonstration of LEKGOTLA Concept & Methodology

The LEKGOTLA Conversations: The conversations during the COMETSA PMS Diversity Management & Inclusion Forum (DMIF) will be based on the following points:

Point 1: Discussing the content from the Diversity Management & Inclusion presentation
Point 2: Deliberation on how we are going to go about becoming Diversity Management & Inclusion (incl. Cultural Diversity) Practitioners in our Organizations and Communities
Point 3: Discuss the insights from the Lekgotla Concept as presented and demonstrated
 Point 4: Discuss the clear Milestones to be achieved between this 2017 Forum and the 2018 COMETSA PMS Diversity Management & Inclusion Forum (DMIF)

PLENARY: A Plenary Session will be conducted to receive feedback and share the knowledge and insights gained from The LEKGOTLA on Diversity Management & Inclusion.

CHECK-OUT: We would like the members of The LEKGOTLA to reflect on the session at the end and make commitments to certain actions after The LEKGOTLA.

NB: These Networks & Forums will take place monthly, around the second Saturday of each month. Stay connected and be on the lookout for the monthly announcements and invitations.


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